Now that we’ve begun exploring and expanding upon the foundation for your career in music and the music industry, it’s time for you to take your plan to the next level by developing a sound leadership and decision-making plan that integrates ethics considerations. In addition to being “the bridge,” how can leadership really be “transformative” in taking your plans to the next level(s)?
Your assignment for this week begins your work on the final course project—your “leadership, decision-making, and ethics career plan”—which will be due at the end of week 11.
Whether it be songwriting, publishing, live performance, recording, merchandising, production, entrepreneurship, live promotion, new media and emerging opportunities, starting your own venue or public relations firm, establishing your own studio, or any other music industry related venture, your career focus in the music business should be accompanied by a leadership and ethics plan.
Answer the following questions:
How would you describe and summarize your plan? For example, from the list above, what kind of business do you plan to create to further your career in the music industry?
What are the specific objectives of your plan? What exactly do you want to achieve with your business. List and describe at least five specific/measurable goals or milestones that you would like to achieve.
Identify and list two examples of leadership and decision making that can inform you in your approach, and be sure to explain why these examples are relevant and instructional for your plan.
How will leadership serve as a “bridge” in helping you and your organization to achieve and realize your goals and objectives?