Read the story “Stren” Each question has a minimum number of sentences to be written.
The story is spaced so that students each read a short portion that contributes to their extra credit points.
1) What is the significance of the ending?
a) Why does the father tell the boy, “Tell the fish you’re sorry?
b) How do you think the boy feels when he hears these words? [3 sentences minimum for part A, and 3 sentences minimum for Part B]
2) Quoting 5 lines from the story, list 5 CHANGES in the narrator’s attitude toward fishing. consider this: What is his attitude at first toward fishing ( and find a line to support your interpretation. / What is his next attitude –How has his mindset changed from the first? (find a line to support your interpretation etc? [This answer will have 10 sentences minimum for the entire #2].
3) Discuss/Summarize the boy’s relationship to his father. How does he feel about his father? Compare the boy’s own desires/actions versus those of his father. Does he respect his father? [5 sentences minimum for the entire # 3]
4) Compare and Contrast the character of “George” versus the character of the father. List 4 similarities and/or 4 differences–or some combination of these [5 sentences minimum for the entire # 4]