Questions Part 1:
When items are shipped from the mega-bakery to Dee’s outlets, the inventory of the Dee’s location receiving the items is only incremented once the shipment is complete. For example, if 1JS has an inventory of 600 AAPL and on day 0 the mega-bakery ships 1JS an additional 100 AAPL, then on day 1, when the shipment arrives, the inventory of 1JS is incremented by 100 AAPL.Similarly, when customers place orders, the inventory of the Dee’s location from which the orders are being picked up is only decremented on thepick-up date. For example, if a customer orders 300 BBRD from 3PUFF on day 0, then the inventory of 3PUFF is decremented by 300 BBRD on day 2, the pick-up day.In the excel file there is a worksheet called ‘Data’. This contains information over a four day period about the customer orders and shipments from the mega-bakery at each of Dee’s locations. You may assume that each Dee’s location starts with 500 of each bakery item at the beginning of the period shown. By using the data provided, please answer the following questions.A.Fill in the ‘inventory_date’ column in the ‘Data’ worksheet -this is the date on which a given order or shipment has an incremental or decremental effect on the outlet’s inventoryB.Due to an issue with the company supplying the refrigerated trucks used to transport the AAPL items, all of the shipments of AAPL cannot be shipped for the period shown. With this in mind, calculate the amount of each item that each of Dee’s locations holds in inventory at the end of each day. (Please fill in your answers in the boxes provided on the ‘Answers sheet tab’and note that negative quantities should be included.)
Questions Part 2:
With respect to the data in the excel sheet and the information with which you have been provided, please complete the following questions:A.Considering the order and shipment information provided, what issues around order fulfillment might arise for Dee’s over the time period for which you’ve been given data?B.How could Dee’s counteract issues with order fulfillment once they occur?C.How could Dee’s implement a system to help prevent issues with order fulfillment in the future?