Point 2 & point 9 from the feasibility study have to be done on one page each. Point in feasibility study number9. Spell out the opportunity – sum up the key factors creating the opportunity for the idea? point in feasibility study number 2.Carry out a PEST Analysis on your Industry/Business Sector
Use this Analysis to answer the following Qs
What is happening and how is this creating an opportunity for my proposed offering?
What are the challenges currently facing the industry and what is the impact?
• An industry and business sector analysis outlining the stage of the industry life cycle, the challenges currently facing the industry, the attractiveness of the industry (should include a PEST Analysis). I DID ATTACHED PRESENTATION FOLDER FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING THE TARGET MARKET IS FISH INDUSTRY AND FOLDER FREASIBILITY STUDY IS ATTACHED TO SEE WHATS IS IN BLACK FRAME AS REQUIRED. thank you.