Please read three articles from the following link and answer all questions:
Article 1. Taming the Workplace Bully by Adam Piore (Question 1 & 2) Download Article 1. Taming the Workplace Bully by Adam Piore (Question 1 & 2)
Question 1. (a) On which specific dimension of job performance is this article focused? (b) In what ways does this aspect of job performance influence the job performance of other employees such as Elizabeth Santeramo?
Question 2. (a) If you were in the situation like Elizabeth (i.e., being a target of bullying), what would you do? (b) How could companies, such as the one Elizabeth Santeramo works for, managing bullying?
Question 3. (a) We have been dealing with the pandemic for the last two years. Which type of organizational commitment (affective, continuance, or normative) do you think is most important to the majority of employees now? Why? (b) Do you think there is any difference in the most important commitment to employees before the pandemic? If so (or not), why?
Article 2. Organizational support: the key to employee commitment and well-being during the pandemic by Oli Mihalache (Question 4) (Links to an external site.)
Article 3. The Three New Year’s resolutions for employers right now by Mitra Kalita (Question 4) (Links to an external site.)
Question 4. Some articles emphasize organizations should offer flexibility (see Kalita, 2022 (Links to an external site.)) or organizational support (see Mihalache, 2021 (Links to an external site.)). (a) Do you agree with the author’s suggestions to employers? Why (or Why not)? (b) In your opinion, what do you want from your organization to improve affective, continuance, and normative commitment? (c) Based on your answer (b), would it be expensive for organizations to improve employees’ organizational commitment? Any suggestions to employers? (If you are not currently working, please answer based on your previous work experience or how general employees would feel about it)
Submission Instructions:
Please read articles through the link. Make sure to fully answer all four questions (with all sub-questions).
Please apply chapter theories and contents in your answer. Please try to share your own opinion, experience, and examples in your answers.
Do not type out all questions (the plagiarism checker will show a red flag), but only include question numbers for each answer. Avoid direct quotes from the textbook or listed articles. If your plagiarism score is 30% or higher, you will get zero and need to resubmit your work for a grade.
No cover page. No more than 5 pages (expect to see at least 4.5 pages of your answers, excluding references – the last sentence of your answer should be on page 5). Longer submission will not lose points (unless it goes over 7 pages), but shorter submission will lose points in detail criteria.
Double-space and 12 pt. font size. One-inch margins. APA style.
Complete and submit the assignment by Sunday 23:59 Eastern Time.
Article 2:
Article 3: