Observation Instructions:
For this specific assignment on Infancy & Toddlerhood, you will be examining a private space and a public space for specific resources and safety features related to children and parenting. For each space you visit, take notes about various features.
Private space
Suggestions for evaluating safety of private space (select one to use)
Public space
Look for the following in your selected public space
Nursing/feeding and/or sensory-reduced spaces
Kid-friendly options (food, activities, etc)
Additional accessibility for strollers
Seating for children
Bathroom facilities and changing tables
Where are changing tables located, if there are any?
Are family restrooms or other multiple-person facilities available?
Submission Details
Submit your assignment with the following structure:
Proof of observation
Include a selfie of you in both locations you visited
Description of observation experience
Describe what it was like to visit these locations while looking for these specific things.
For example: Was it difficult to find anything you were looking for? Did it feel strange looking for something like a changing table if you don’t have children with you?
Analysis of observation
What did you notice about the safety concerns and/or facilities?
Be detailed in your analysis and incorporate course concepts as you examine your notes
Are there discrepancies in services/facilities by gender or other factors?
Compare what you observed to topics covered by the course so far, both from a child development perspective and as if you were a parent in these places.
General Reflection
Provide overall opinion of the facilities/locations of observations/activities (as appropriate).
Provide your assessment of the observation/activity process and experience (what you learned, what you wished you would have learned, what you would do differently).
Conclusion – Wrap it all up!
What did you learn?
What are key takeaways from this observation experience?
What more might we want to know about safety and facilities needs for young families?
Is there a need for any sort of action or advocacy?
You may submit your assignment in written, audio, or visual format. Be sure to address all parts of the assignment and analysis questions.