Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Enter the question # and question description you have chose at the start of each answer so that others know what question you have chosen. (i.e. #5 What is WBS)1. What is Project Initiation?2. How do you Determine Feasibility?3. How do you determine Costs and Benefits?4. Define how Time is Managed within Tasks/Activities.5. What is a WBS?6. Describe Project Scheduling.7. How do you Control Projects & Manage Risks?8. How do you Manage Project Teams?9. What is a Systems Proposal?10. Describe the goals of Interviewing.11. Describe JAD.12. Describe the use of Questionnaires.13. Describe the use of Sampling.14. Describe the steps in Analyzing Quantitative Documents.15. Describe Text Analytics.16. Describe the use of ObservationsNOTE: i need you to answer 3 questions form the above list, each answer should be of 80 words minimum, total 240 words, excluding the references, in text citations, in APA format & references are important too. Mention the question first & then answer followed by the reference.
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