Learning Goal: I’m working on a networking project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.There is six part of the project. I have uploaded 3.4 project for your convenience, so YOU have to do 6.4’s questions 4 to 7 based on 3.4 document that I’ve attached here. YOU have to write your answers on the GIVEN TEMPLATE! (6.4)BIS-324: Networking, Systems & SecurityGetting StartedYou will be working on a final project throughout this course. The final project will combine networking and security. Your final project will require you to utilize a network diagraming tool to model your home network or a small business network and to create an IT security plan. The final project will be broken down into individual steps each workshop in order to make the workload more manageable.Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:Utilize your knowledge of networking to develop a network plan that addresses all aspects of networking including security.
Background InformationNetworking and security can only be achieved when a company has a plan and adheres to the plan. Your final project will help you understand and develop a network diagram and to create an IT security plan. Your final project will require the following items:Your home or a made-up workplace network diagramed utilizing a software of your choice
Asset IdentificationPhysical Assets
Non-Physical Assets
Risk AssessmentMalicious External
Malicious Internal
Natural Factor
Security PoliciesPassword Policies
Administrative Responsibility
User Responsibility
Email Policies
Internal Policies
Backup Policies
Reactive PlanningMoving Productivity to a Temporary Location
Disaster Recovery Plan
Notification of Relevant Parties
Drills to Test Emergency Procedures
Family/Employee Education on the IT Security PlanThreat Education
Security Procedure Education
If You Don’t Know, Ask
You will be completing a section of this plan in each workshop. You will be able to receive feedback for each section and make improvements before your final project is submitted at the end of the course. The hope is that this approach to the final project will ensure that everyone earns maximum points on their final submission.InstructionsReview the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
Download the 6.4 Final Project Template Part 6 Word document.
Conduct an internet search to identify family or employee education plans for networks. Rework any information you find in your own words and apply it to your own home or made-up workplace network.
Update any prior information in your project based on your instructors’ feedback.
Finish using the tools you researched in Workshop One to map your networks. Add your network diagrams to the template.
Follow the instructions in the template document, and fill out each required section.
Save your work in the template document, and submit it using the link below.
Your assignment is due by the end of the workshop.
Requirements: N/A