Learning Goal: I’m working on a management discussion question and need support to help me learn.Topic: Building Resilience into the Organization You are required to read the paper included in this week’s resources (Paper 2- Building Resilience into the Organization) after reading this paper and looking at the issues and structure in which this paper (BTW this is the Fifth chapter of your textbook), please discuss the followings in great detail and in line with the expectation of DBA Research Discussion. What do you think about this chapter’s main statement: Sane leadership and organizational resilience are the basis for widespread and all-embracing CSR.
Further investigate the claim that In the last 10 years, psychosocial diseases have grown extremely in the German-speaking countries. Present your evaluation of the claim in a critical manner.
Use the keywords (CSR, Reivich, and Shatté) in LIRN and choose the top five resources that you could find and include them in your written report in an annotated bibliographical manner.
Provide your overall evaluation of this paper and comment on its validity in different cultures (countries).
Remember – not all team members must agree.
NOTE: Post your 1000-1500 words post
with your PowerPoint presentation (10-15 slides)
PROFESSOR’S GUIDANCE FOR THIS WEEK’S RD: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been a fundamental phenomenon in the corporate world during the past few decades. Given the recent changes brought about by COVID-19 have put sustainable business practices in a much higher place in the global management arena. The definition of CSR needs further clarification. You will find that the objective of this research is to develop a CSR definition and framework for implementation. Looking at the Sufficiency Economic Philosophy is under investigation to establish its strategy in dealing with its various stakeholders. It would be best to examine the premises of the good values promoting actual good within the community resulting in sustainability. Also, look at the collaborative model of firms in achieving sustainable CSR practices. Make sure you understand the framework that is developed. Your discussion needs to be focused and critical of the stages involved. References International Dimensions of Sustainable Management Latest Perspectives from Corporate Governance, Responsible Finance, and CSR CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance Springer 2020 ISBN: 9783030048181
Requirements: 1000