Learning Goal: I’m working on a history discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.In your esteemed opinion what caused the Jan 6th insurrection,not just who was responsible, which is fairly easy to assume, but the larger issues affecting this nation that were displayed on that day. Indeed, Donald Trump was the symptom, but Trumpism is at the core. What has that term come to mean in this country and what is its potential danger? Who has become Trump’s devoted followers? Define and describe them. For decades both major parties, although night and day on democratic government and a determination to sustain that system above all else. That too as completely disintegrated, as the Republican Party has become the party of right-wing extremism, rage, vengeance, racism, and authoritarianism. The majority of Republican lawmakers at all levels of government, have become craven to the cult of Trump, just as Germans did in the 1930s with Adolf Hitler, whom they believed would save them from imaginary bogey men. Are we headed down that path? Can such momentum in that direction be stopped? Why has the Republican Party degenerated into such a disgrace?Perhaps you believe there is nothing to be worried about, that as in the past, the nation will “self correct” and all will be “ normal” again. You could be right, so if you possess such optimism, then explain in depth your confidence why all will be well, and that I have nothing to worry, that I am just a typical liberal, hormonally unbalanced and overreacting and being hyperbolically partisan
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