Learning Goal: I’m working on a english question and need guidance to help me learn.ASSIGNMENT:Respond to two of your classmates’ posts about their experience. Consider the following in your response:Have you taken on a similar role on a team? If yes, did you have a similar experience on the team? Explain.
If not, have you worked with a team member who took on that role? Reflect on your experience. How did both your roles help the team? Did you work well together? Explain.
PEER POST # 1My name is Chelsea and I live in Austin, TX. I am majoring in General Studies with a concentration in digital audiences and New Media.Recently, the company I work for decided to cross-train and empower employees to perform the tasks previously split among three different roles. This task required me and more than a dozen of my coworkers to continue performing our current jobs while simultaneously learning the functions and responsibilities of two completely different positions.My role would best be described as a contributor. I trained multiple coworkers in my area of expertise and successfully learned how to perform the roles of my coworkers by engaging with them while they were training me. After an exhausted 6 weeks of intensive training, we all successfully accomplished our goal. My coworkers and I were successful because we each followed through on our individual responsibilities and focused on the end goal. PEER POST # 2My name is Lydia and I am a High School Coordinator at a small, public charter school. I oversee the HS team (our teachers and educational coaches) in the development of our small program (about 100 students). I’m also married with a 6-month-old son, Jamie, and a 2-month-old puppy, Kimchi. So my 3 children take up the rest of my time as well as my classes here at SNHU as an English Language and Lit major. :DOf the different roles we learned about in this module, I see myself as the Information Seeker and Procedural Technician. I think Information Seeker applies as one of my top 5 CliftonStrengths was input (the need for information), and my anchor strength was learner, so I think that I innately desire to know all the inter-workings of our systems, procedures, etc. As a manager, I’m also tasked with making sure that my employees are completing the tasks and projects assigned to them. As a team, we are working toward the goal of having a well-defined, but flexible learning program for our students. We have not been super successful over the past year I’ve been working with the team because I feel like we have been stuck in the storming stage for the past 3 years (leadership allowed all the teachers autonomy, the next leader tried to be a more autocratic leader with little effect, and now I’m trying to move the team to a place where we can get out policies and procedures outlined while giving the teachers a voice on the leadership team.)I think my team has been somewhat successful so far because I also tend to be a harmonizer and a compromiser, but I do think we need an energizer and encourager on our team. I know that my harmonizer traits have been pointed out by many members of the team, and have also helped to resolve some of our conflicts with successful results (like outlining a curriculum pathways map, encouraging career and college readiness as a goal, etc.) We do still have a long way to go though.
Requirements: 5-6 SENTENCES FOR EACH PARAGRAPH (2 PARAGRAPHS TOTAL)   |   .doc file