Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Part oneThis week I would like you to read an online edition of a newspaper and hard copy of a newspaper.1. After reading through each section tell us what is the name of the newspaper and cited. What aspects you liked of each and what you didn’t like as much.2. Which format are you more likely to use? Why?3. Do you currently read a newspaper (hard copy or online) on a regular basis? Why or why not?4. Did you grow up in a household where your parents read the paper on a regular basis?5. Do you prefer reading an in depth report (like you might find in a newspaper) or watching a shorter version of the story (like you might find on a local newscast)?Part 2MagazinesThis week you will be reading a great article that was published in Vanity Fair Magazine and answering a few questions. This is a long article so plan accordingly so you have time to read it and answer all the questions. If you don’t answer each question thoroughly you will lose points. You are also required to respond to two of your classmates posts. I’m looking for more than a “Nice job” or “I agree”. Put some thought into it if you want full points. Remember there is an automatic 5 point deduction if you don’t reply to classmate’s posts.Please read the attached article published in Vanity Fair Magazine and answer the following questions on the discussion board.1. How has the media changed the “American Dream”? a. Give a minimum of 3 specific examples from the article you read. b. Give a minimum of 2 specific examples from what you have seen in today’s media. c. Give a minimum of 2 examples of what you have witnessed in the priorities and dreams of those around you. (Can be friends, family, co-workers etc…)2. What is your American Dream? Please share a detailed description not just a sentence.Link to article:
Requirements: 600 – 800 words