Learning Goal: I’m working on a biology discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.Question oneHow do viral attacks involve carbohydrates? (Clue: go over clinical insights in chapter 10).Question twoDear students,Two real-world scenarios related to glycolysis and the Krebs cycle you saw in the lecture are the preparation of wine and bread and muscle fatigue. I now present to you the case of making biofuels from plants. Outline how you get biofuels in the following steps:1. The source molecule in the plant (clues for this will not only come from the “Eating and Breathing” lecture but also the “carbs and fats” lecture. The source molecule has to be broken down to get the starting molecule of glycolysis. Identify this molecule and describe how you could get to using this (2.5 points)2. Once you get the molecule to start, identify the reaction within your lecture that you would use to get biofuels (For this, you also need to tell me what exactly are the biofuels in a usable chemical form). Once again list out the probable steps (5 points).3. Finally, give a good example of a plant we know that acts as an ideal source to get your biofuels (2.5 points).Now, I am not looking for any right or wrong answers here, but your understanding and also how you interact with each other, look at each other’s postings. So once each of you post your individual postings, comment on each other’s postings, and improve the process. You could start the discussion today and I will not grade anything till the end of the weekI am not looking for technical stuff, but 4-5 sentence paragraphs for each of the three questions I posted, but they should be scientifically written.I look forward to an engaging discussion,70
Requirements: Each question two paragraphs