Learning Goal: I’m working on a anthropology project and need guidance to help me learn.1 Precambrian – development of life. What were the First life forms? Why did it take so long (4 Billion years) for the Cambrian Explosion? 2 The Cambrian Explosion 3 Paleozoic Era – timeframe, key events, ie spermavours, jaws, the first amniotic egg, extinctions, etc. 4 Mesozoic Era – time frame, key events (see above) 5 Cenozoic Era – same as above K-T Event 6 Anthropocene Epoch 7 Punctuated Equilibrium 8 Mass Extinctions – identify all to date, % of life forms lost in each one, including the current mass extinction, (MULTIPLE) causes, etc.choose any of these topics above and only around 12 slides POWERPOINT please provide a separate WRITTEN PRESENTATION, but, instead, interwoven it with your slide presentation!
Bullet Points should be shorter than a sentence and limited to 3 maximum per slide. an example of how the presentation should look is attached along with the rules
Requirements: long enough