It requires skill of cause loop diagram and Stella model.Your holistic semester project is to conduct a complete systems dynamics analysis of the space debris problem and submit a technical report and your working Stella model/simulation with a user interface. Your analysis of the problem and possible interventions will be based on the model that you create and use.We will work on this extensively in class, and you are well advised to attend regularly as we progress.You will have smaller intermediate draft deliverables that I will give you feedback on so that your final report and model are polished, complete, and of very high quality.You may collaborate extensively during and outside of class on your ideas, approach to the problem, and so on. But the final Stella model and report that you submit must be entirely of your own composition.New Satellite Launch RateThere are several ways you can approach the launch rate of new satellites that are reasonable depending on your approach and how you justify it.Assuming launches are exogenous (outside the system,!!!!!!!!please follow template!!!!!!!You can do the other part first. I’m still working on the model.
!!!!!Please follow template!!!!!!