Present synthesis question & hook reader
Present thesis statement, which maps out the main analytical and synthesis points
Body of Essay
Discuss applicable previous writing projects (all are attached) that addresses the social problem of Literature as an Environmental Construct, and then do the same with Antigone. Please add necessary transitions between those discussions to make ideas flow logically and with unity and coherence.
1. Analyze the Two Visual Texts Essay (attached)
Summary/analysis of this essay
2. Analyze the Evaluation of a Work of Art Forrest Gump Essay (attached)
Summary/analysis of this essay
3. Analyze the Short Fiction essay (attached)
Summary/analysis of this essay
4. Analyze Antigone story (attached)
Summary/analysis of fourth text (Antigone)
Summary & analysis of Antigone-social problem.
Synthesis section
Discusses & develops main synthesis points among texts from applicable Writing Projects 2-4 + Antigone
Concluding paragraph
Sums up values of texts you have analyzed
Presents your new insights
Leaves readers thinking about your views
Works Cited
Complete bibliographic listing of all sources cited in essay per current MLA guidelines. Make sure you’ve included correct in-text citations also.