In your MBA program, you learned about how operations relate to business strategy, and you learned how to manage business operations based on a global supply chain with diverse and geographically dispersed suppliers and customers. This week, you will focus on analyzing your company’s performance and developing strategies for your products in the different market segments in CAPSIM.
Use this week’s course readings and supplemental readings to define SWOT and Porter’s 5 Forces. How does the company compare?
Use the Customer Buying Criteria section of the Courier (pp. 5-9) to assess what customers demand. What are the projected changes in customer demands?
Choose one of Porter’s generic strategies for the company in the simulation. Explain the appropriateness of the generic strategy to the SWOT analysis.
Use the Balanced Scorecard and financial measures to analyze your company in the simulation to identify three items in each of the four SWOT categories. Then, review your company in CAPSIM relative to the other five companies in the simulation to identify each of Porter’s 5-Forces.
Select three performance measures that are to be monitored and reported. Explain why the three are appropriate measures of the generic strategy.
Write one S.M.A.R.T. objective for each—R&D, marketing, production, finance, human resources, and TQM.