Case Study: Ethics in Urban Planning Assignment
This case study assignment is designed to test your ability to conduct effective research, gain a
nuanced understanding of complex concepts, synthesize the ideas reflected in your research with
those reflected in your required readings, and to evaluate and apply these ideas to an issue of
urban planning.
For this Case Study, you will use the assigned article by Wachs, M. (1989), “When Planners Lie
with Numbers,” as a basis for your case study work. You will first discuss and analyze Ethics in
Data Use as Cited by the American Institute of Certified Planners. You will then discuss and
analyze Descriiptive Ethical Issues involved in misusing statistics, statistical methods, and data
(e.g., What ethical issues can occur?). Further, you will discuss and analyze Analytical Ethical
Issues involved in misusing statistics, statistical methods, and data (e.g., Why is do ethical issues
occur?). Additionally, discuss and analyze Prescriiptive Ethical Issues involved in misusing
statistics, statistical methods, and data (e.g., What can be done about correcting the problems?).
Finally, determine a biblical viewpoint concerning planning. Please use scriipture to support the
position. Integrate Biblical verses rather than at the end of the paper. Items to include are
outlined as follows:
• Length of assignment is 2,000 – 2,500-words (8 – 10-pages)
not including title page, reference page, and any appendices.
• Format of assignment: CURRENT APA format with 1-inch margins, 12-pt. Times New Roman font, and must include a title page and reference page.
• Must include a Biblical perspective in this paper and cite at least one Biblical reference.
• Number of citations: Minimum 17 –
o 1 Required texts, 8 required readings indicated below, PLUS minimum 8 additional scholarly sources to fully support your assertions and conclusions. Writer chooses these additional sources. These must be cited in accordance with CURRENT APA guidelines.
• Acceptable sources: Use scholarly sources only. No websites, podcasts, dictionaries,
encyclopedias, or magazines. Peer reviewed journal articles, dissertations, and
textbooks only.
• Must follow Template (attached). This assignment includes a template titled, Case Study: Ethics in Urban Planning Template. This template lays out for you the organization of your paper by providing all sections titles and format to which they need to be included. Use this template to accurately complete this assignment.
• Rubric Attached.
REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS for citations/references:
1.) Pages 165-179. Stein, Jay. (2004). Classic readings in urban planning (2nd ed.). Routledge. ISBN: 9781884829901.
1. When Planners Lie With Numbers
2. Recent Developments in Comprehensive Planning Law
3. We All Need Help: “Big Data” and the Mismeasure of Public Administration
4. Population Forecast Errors: A Primer for Planners
5. Is Quantitative Research Ethical? Tools for Ethically Practicing, Evaluating, and Using Quantitative Research
6. Power Point: Administrative Ethics in the Public Service
7. Video Transcriipt: Ethics Cases of the Year
8. Holy Bible – Proverbs 15:22 – plus any other biblical references the writer finds relevant
1. Couch, Chris. (2016). Urban planning. Palgrave McMillian. ISBN: 9781137427564.
2. Cullingworth, Barry J., & Caves, Roger. (2014). Planning in the USA: Policies, issues, and processes (4th ed.). Routledge. ISBN: 9780415506977.
The additional citations/references are chosen by the writer that are relevant to the subject, published in the last 5 years