In a three page (minimum) essay, identify a consumer product that interests you, research online the manufacturing process, and describe in some detail the following:
The product(s) and the company identified with this product.
What factors do you perceive were critical in identifying where to locate the manufacturing operation for this product?
What type of operation layout best suits the kind of manufacturing required for this product?
What factors are essential to maintain an efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable production operation?
Assignment Instructions:
Use the APA 7th edition Form and Style Guide for this essay. There are two resources attached to this assignment that can help you with APA 7 references, citations, and style. Page count does not include your introduction, abstract, and reference page. A minimum of 3 authoritative sources is required for this assignment. Check your grammar, spelling, and clarity carefully before submitting it. A significant portion of your grade will depend on how well you use the “King’s English.”