In a 5- to 7-page
paper, explain 5 reasons that a Literature Review is the first step in a
research project.
Evaluate how the Literature
Review informs and guides new research related to a specific topic of
investigation regarding a health program evaluation topic listed in the Module
1 Background notes.
Analyze reasons why
Recommendations for Future Research or Applications of Research Findings and
Conclusions are important sources to consider in the development of a health
care-related research project
Title Page: All written assignments should include a
Title Page and relevant information.
Headings and subheadings: Use headings and subheadings to guide the flow
of your papers. Formatting should conform to the most recent APA guidelines.
In-text citations and reference
list: Cite your references in
the text of all papers and on the reference list. In-text citations and
reference list must conform to the most recent APA guidelines.
Use of scholarly sources: You are expected to utilize scholarly
sources in preparing your paper and to incorporate relevant background
readings. Online sources must be limited to credible professional and scholarly
publications such as peer-reviewed journal articles, e-books, or specific
webpages on websites from a university, government, or nonprofit organization.
Unless called for in the assignment, consumer sources are not adequate.
Use of your own words: Your paper must be written in your own
words to enable faculty to assess your level of understanding. Use of direct
quotes should be avoided. Only use direct quotes when preserving the exact
words of an author is necessary. In the rare instance that directly quoted
material is used, it must be properly cited (with quotation marks and page
numbers in the in-text citation); direct quotes should not exceed 5% of the
total paper content.