I need someone experienced in achieving the objectives for my project which is this
Improving home-based healthcare services in the elderly population using telehealth in one of the primary health care centers in Dubai
following are the objectives
1. Evaluate the complexities of leading organizational development.
2. Critically analyze an organizational environment to identify an area for planning, implementing, and evaluating organizational change in practice.
3. Critically analyze previous evidence in the subject area and use this to inform organizational development
4. Undertake an evidence-based organizational development project which demonstrates an ability to lead and evaluate the complex processes inherent in organizational development.
5. Reflect critically on practice to evaluate the impact of an organizational development project upon an organization and themselves as health practitioners
This chapter has two key elements (a) OD / Change and (b) Evaluation.
• The first part of this chapter focusses OD / Change
• You should structure it using the OD model that you have selected to help guide your project along with the rationale for the model selected
• This part of the chapter should outline the practices you engaged in with reference to the literature on OD and change management
• In this chapter you need to indicate clearly the costs, financial impact, and value for money of your project (session on this will follow in the new year)
• If required, you can incorporate a PDSA cycle or the Model for Improvement into your OD process and
• You can incorporate some of your reflections into this chapter to help support the discussion on your
experience. You should include ethical considerations and how you addressed them.
Chapter 3 (a): The chapter will describe your involvement in the OD process and is written in the first person.
However, it will be appropriate to use the third person in some instances.
• Word count for section (a): 3,000 – 3,500 words of the 5,500 words
The second element of the chapter focuses on Evaluation.
• It should provide details of how you propose to evaluate, either by using an overall evaluation model or
by evaluating each of your objectives separately (Option A) or how you plan to evaluate your project (Option B), detailing the methods and measures that will be employed for the project evaluation and
• Quantitative and/or qualitative data/metrics should be included within this section of the chapter.
• You should reference the literature associated with your chosen methods.
• Please note that it is important that the evaluation should link directly to your stated objectives in
chapter 1.
• If you have set financial objectives, you should report them here.
Word count for section (b): 2,000 – 2,500 words approx. of the 5,500 words available