I need help with one of the questions of Experimental Economics module take away paper. The exam task is under the name ‘THE EXAM PAPER’. Please read the instructions in it! I have highlighted the most important ones in yellow. I need help only with the first question (I’ve highlighted it on the file). I am uploading relevant information for Bayes Rule (files ‘seminar solutions 3 Bayes Rule’ and ‘Bayes Rule class experiment instructions’). The words limit is 1000 per question (including the sub-parts) without the numerical calculations and graphs. I am attaching lecture slides, seminars solutions, readings accordingly to seminars’ topics and also a main textbook for this module (under the name ‘Holt’). I advise to look into the seminar solutions, it might help to complete certain exam questions as the exam should be conducted from the material we covered at the class. Please let me know if you have any questions and, again, my set deadline is strict. Thank You very much!