The following thesis is on the area of Information Management and Marketing and understanding what data-driven marketing methods (stats, metrics, KPIs, etc), specific ones still to be decided, and their potential impact on the profitability of tech companies.
The thesis is in a kind of initial stage. Reading the rest of the Chapter can get you a better understanding of the overall objective of the study. The type of companies to be analyzed is still in analysis but the difficulty in collecting data means that the focus could be more on startups or medium-sized tech companies. The collection of data could be by a self-administered questionnaire.
The aid needed is in the Background and Problem Identification (Chapter 1.1), I am mostly looking for a continuation of what’s written or a redo. The aim is to better clarify the problem here, with other research already made, and include the background information that is relevant to gain a better understanding for the rest of the thesis.
In the BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES (Chapter 6) there are additional references that were not used but may be relevant for the Background and Problem Identification Chapter. (1.1)
Any questions feel free to reach out.
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