Identify the key air pollutants and the sources in Los Angeles.
Understand the spatial patterns of air pollution and how various environmental factors affect air pollution.
Identify the role played by human activies in the air pollution issues in Los Angeles.
Become critical thinkers and provide solutions to solve air pollution problems.
Task 1: Collecting information for your research
Refer to the EPA Criteria Air Pollutants ( and California Ambient Air Quality Standards (CAAQS) ( to summarize the key air pollutants, their main sources, and the impacts on environment and/or people’s health in Los Angeles by filling out the table in the essay template (which you can locate in files)
Task 2: Identify the spatial patterns of air pollution and how various environmental factors affect air pollution
Watch the video ( below to learn what spatial patterns are and how to describe it.
Go to PurpleAir Map ( and adjust the spatial extent of the map so that you can see the entire Los Angeles County and nearby areas including Ventura County, Angeles National Forest, San Bernerdino County and Organge County – like the picture shown below.
Make sure the “Map Data Layer” is set as US EPA PM2.5 AQI of One-week Average. Describe the spatial pattern of the index.
Zoom in to your location and use the number nearby to estimate the PM2.5 AQI level at your location in the past week.
Given the sources and where you are located in Los Angeles, which air pollutant(s) mainly affect you and your neighbors?
What environmental factors, such as terrain, wind pattern, and human activities contribute to the air pollution problems in your area?
Task 3: Solutions
If you became the Administrator of the EPA, what would you first action be to solve air pollution issues in Los Angeles, especially for the area you are living? List at least 3 best ways to reduce air pollution in Los Angeles and briefly explain the why.
Please note:
You must use the template for the essay. (which you locate in files once again, I repeat!!!!)
There is no page limit for this essay. However, please keep your writing concise and right-to-the point.
You are welcome to use literature resources online for reference. If you do, please cite the reference at the end of your paper (MLA format for citation (
Based on your research, please use your own words to answer the questions in Task 2 and 3.