Follow the below instructions, being sure NOT TO EXCEED 300 words. Be sure to answer ALL (5) questions as instructed. Questions pertaining to the attached reading. Review the uploaded grading rubric to further clarify.
M1: Reading Discussion
For business managers, it is important to apply critical thinking and decision-making skills based on actionable intelligence. This exercise is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your critical thinking related to contemporary technologies being implemented in the area of supply chain and operations management.
Imagine you are a senior manager and you wish to update your colleagues and mid- to junior-level managers. Use only your understanding of the assigned reading as well as the textbook chapters covered so far to answer and discuss the points below.
This discussion relates to the assigned article:
Hartley, J. L., & Sawaya, W. J. (2019). Tortoise, not the hare: Digital transformation of supply chain business processes Download Tortoise, not the hare: Digital transformation of supply chain business processes. Business Horizons, 62(6), 707–715.
Respond to each of the following points. Your answers should be concise—no more than a few sentences are necessary for each item.
List the upcoming technologies being used by major companies.
Where do you think the upcoming technologies can help in supply chain processes?
What are the various approaches being used by major companies in terms of implementing the technologies?
Based on the article, what are general steps for implementing the new technology at a company?
What are your thoughts on why such steps may not always work?
Comment on various such technologies as mentioned in the article that are being used (if any such technology is being used) in the company or organization you currently work for or have worked for in the past. Use only hypothetical company names and references.