“Does the operational level of war have a place in twenty-first century conflict?”
The first 1000 words I need for a dissertation proposal presentation, I want to present it for around 10 minutes or so. I need it in less than a week so I can revise it. The presentation should cover such issues as:
• The research question, hypothesis/thesis,
• methodology
• intended structure
• intended research timeline
• specific issues and challenges that you face
The following 10,000 words will be the dissertation regarding the question above.
Also I need:
-Credible and reliable sources and references, those I mention are directed to me to look at and add on them as much as you need (Think Tanks ‘GMF’ ‘Atlantic Council’ ‘RAND’ ‘US foreign policy think tanks’ etc. credible journal articles, books ‘erdogan’s empire by Sonar Cagaptay’ etc, I need all the references used and from what pages specifically.
-Footnotes Chicago style using Ibid
-Spacing 1.5
-10,000 words including the references and footnotes
-Last page will be the bibliography and it’s not included within the 10,000 words
-Font : Aerial 11
-The dissertation must focus on the structure, argument, literature, case-study, challenges, supporting evidence, examples, quotations and analysis.
-15% on Turnitin.