Describe the Flourishing Scale for this assessment.
Summarize and explain your personal reflections and insights to demonstrate what you learned from this experiential learning activity. What did you learn about yourself or others?
Relationship to Positive Psychology
Explain how this experiential activity or the character strength it represents is related to optimal human functioning. How does this activity demonstrate the principles and concepts of positive psychology?
Application to Social Issues
Summarize how what you learned from this activity and the study of character strengths for this assessment may be applied to social issues such as aging, mental health versus mental illness, and happiness and well-being.
Analyze the strengths and limitations (advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons) of applying what you learned or the character strengths studied to social issues.
Include supportive research findings related to these topics (at least one scholarly peer-reviewed article in addition to supporting information from a textbook or a professional source). Be sure to cite all scholarly sources where appropriate.
Additional Requirements
Your paper should meet the following requirements: