Choose topic from attachments.
The Art Curator Project is the main research assignment for ART 100. The goal of this project is for you to create for yourself (and share with all of us!) a unique art exhibition of works from Western Art History. Your assignment will consist of a document that shows your selected artworks for the exhibit and explains the connection between each artwork and the rationale for their inclusion in the exhibit You will choose from five topics/themes for your exhibit, and the artworks you choose to include should support your chosen topic/theme.
Your Art Curator Project Final assignment will be a paper of 1500-2000 words in MLA format. Your paper will include an introduction with a clearly defined central argument (thesis statement) related to your chosen topic/theme. You must include at least three “block by block” or “point by point” comparisons between your six artworks and do a formal analysis of each artwork by incorporating a discussion of the art elements and design principles relevant to the work.
Assignment Specifications:
Compose your assignment as an attachment in MS Word or PDF format.
Utilize MLA format for your document and for your references.
In your document be sure to remember:
Give your exhibit an interesting and unique title relevant to your chosen topic
Begin with your introduction paragraph with the thesis statement as the last sentence in the introduction.
Include all six images of your artworks with captions containing identifying information. The images can be within the body of your paper or you may include them at the end of your document in an appendix. The actual images should be provided, not URL links to the images.
Organize your paper clearly using sub-headers to show the progression of subtopics or comparison points.
Include at least 3 comparisons (See “How to Write a Comparison in Art History”, in either block by block and/or point by point)
Provide a works cited page with at least five reputable research sources, two of which are journal articles.