Case Study
Many observers of international relations have argued that the spread of liberal democracy will have pacifying effects on international relations. In this context, the spread of democracy in the Middle East is seen as one possible way to finally resolve enduring conflicts. Other observers have cast doubts about such optimism, and argue that only a stable deterrent between the conflicting parties will prevent the outbreak of renewed warfare.
The goal of this assignment is to critique current arguments about Democratic Peace Theory with application to specific Middle East conflicts. Address the effects of colonization as you consider this. The assignment will engage with several Course Objectives, including:
CO1: Explain the root causes of contemporary political, economic, and religious challenges to regional security and stability in the Middle East
CO3 Evaluate the impact of the Shi’a-Sunni divide on regional stability
CO4 Assess the effects of the Arab Spring on regional security and political development in the Middle East
In formulating your assessment of this topic, make sure to explain the logic of your arguments and specifically address the causal logic of the democratic peace theory or alternative explanations. Support your answers with empirical examples. Do not rely on personal impressions and hunches — support every statement. One trick for making sure that you’re not writing unsupported assertions is to ask after sentence, “how do we know this?”
It is recommended to pick at least two case studies (specific Middle Eastern states) to serve as the fulcrum of your analysis. By picking at two states, you avoid the risk of extrapolating too much from one mere example and open the possibility of comparison. (— one state should be Lebanon and the other can be chosen freely.)
The case study should be between 8-10 pages in length (double spaced, Times 12-point font). It should rely upon, at least, 6 peer-reviewed academic sources. (— some are already attached but others should be added by the person writing this paper)