Below articles are lists of articles that I have to review case study.
1. Mackey, J. 2011. What conscious capitalism really is. California Management Review, 53(3): 83-90. 2. Kanter, R. M. 2011. How great companies think differently. Harvard Business Review, 89(11): 66-78. 3. Argenti, P. A. 2004. Collaborating with activists: How Starbucks works with NGOs. California
Management Review, 47(1): 91-116.
4. Minor, D., & Morgan, J. 2011. CSR as reputation insurance. California Management Review, 53(3): 40-
5. Delmas, M. A., & Burbano, V. C. 2011. The drivers of greenwashing. California Management Review,
54(1): 64-87.
6. Palmer, D. A. 2013. The new perspective on organizational wrongdoing. California Management
Review, 56(1): 5-23.
Below is the instruction to access the articles.
From the Library homepage, click on the “Course Reserves” tab. Then click on the “Electronic Reserves” button. At the E-Reserves page ( you may search All Courses, By Instructor (Siqueira), By Term, or By Subject (Marketing and Management) and click the “Go” button. Click on the “Business Strategy and Policy” link. The password for this course page is MGT4600 (the password is case sensitive). Click on the name of the reading that you would like to see. Click on the File name or URL to view the reading.
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