BCO217 – Digital Business
Final Assessment Brief
Online campus
Description Build a wireframe of an e-commerce website of your own.
Build an E-commerce strategy and website architecture, let us see the customers journey on your website.
1-Choose one e-commerce store project and what they offer
2- Determine your target audience
3- Draw the architecture and journey of the customers inside the website you can use or any other tool you like
4- You may draw the home page wireframe using or any tool you like
Format PDF This activity must meet the following formatting requirements:
• 1500 words
• Upload two files:
a PDF copy of the presentation.
• Harvard Referencing System
Goal(s) Reflect what you have learnt in the course and the process of building e-commerce solution in consideration of the right target audience and the implementation of the UI/UX process
60% This activity has a weight of [60]% towards the final grade.
Learning outcomes Building e-commerce strategies
Building e-commerce according the UI/UX process
Assessment criteria Number of words
Following the process
Covering all the questions
Quality of work and structure
Grading Rubric
Criteria Accomplished (A) Proficient (B) Partially proficient (C) Borderline (D) Fail (F)
Visuals Professionally designed. Attractive, relevant and add to understanding. Support the development of the presentation. Professionally designed but there are too many (some irrelevant) or are missing. Support the development of the presentation. Visuals are well designed. Generally, they support the argument, but some are irrelevant or unclear. Visuals are mundane and not always relevant to the presentation development. Fewer than five spelling mistakes. Visuals are poorly designed, containing only words and are used as notes. More than five spelling mistakes. Relevance is not clear.
Content The content is clear, well developed and interesting. Conclusions are clearly justified. Appropriate language style and shows thorough, in-depth understanding of the subject area. Competent development of content showing in-depth knowledge of subject area. The content is clear showing knowledge of the area. Improvements would help to justify conclusions. The content is generally clear but there are gaps in the development or information which is not relevant is given too much importance. The content is a simple repetition of written work with no amendments to language or style. The development is confusing and does not justify the conclusions.
Questions and answers The candidate showed in-depth knowledge, was well prepared for the questions and expanded answers in-depth showing ownership of the subject area. The candidate was well prepared to answer questions and showed in-depth knowledge of the subject area. Expanded on answers. The candidate was able to answer the questions but did not expand on question areas. The candidate attempted to answer the questions but not always appropriately. The candidate was unprepared and unable to answer pertinent questions.