Assignment Topic:
Human Resource professionals are critical to the success of organizations. Their roles continue to evolve in order to provide value added services to internal and external stakeholders. For this assignment, you will gain a greater understanding of the strategic role of human resource management in an organization. You will interview an HR professional who either represents your current organization or another using the eight (8) Questions to Ask: Is HRM Playing a Strategic Role in the Business found on Table 1.2.
In addition to the responses from the interview, the following are to be included:
The organization’s industry.
How did the respondent’s responses align or contrast with the competencies found in the course textbook?
Include at least two recommendations you would make to the HR professional regarding opportunities for them to enhance the organization’s competitive advantage.
You should incorporate course terminology and concepts to explain your positions.
Your assignment should be submitted double-spaced 12 size font in 3-5 pages in length not including cover and reference pages.
Remember to provide citations, use your own words, and/or enclose any direct quotations in quotation marks.