Assignment Details – Customer Continuity and Growth
For this final assignment, you are expected to focus on step 3, to develop strategies and
implementation plan for the organisation. Bear in mind the focus is on cucstomer
continuity and growth. So, considering everything we’ve been over in the past few
weeks, what approaches might be useful to you in your recommendations? Remember
to reference your work – every point/statement you make must have a reference.
Particularly important is the use of references to relevant concepts and theories. But,
you have already covered lots in the past few weeks, so this should not be a problem.
You are expected to use existing literature, such as journal articles and books, to guide
your research. It is therefore imperative that you support every argument you make,
through the use of references. Your report should draw on relevant theories and
concepts, applied analysis of data, country or company information and a discussion of
issues, recognising a range of perspectives.