Assignment: Case Study Report
For your final assignment, you are to select one of your weekly Case Studies that you will be including in your Technology Binder and use it as a project to elaborate on the technical and structural lessons it offers this course. You are to produce a 4- 5 page Case Study Report on your chosen project and develop a brief examination that includes the following subjects:
1) Your rational for selecting the chosen project
House R128 Stuttgart, Germany
Werner Sobek
2) A brief history of the project
3) Technical aspects of the project that interest you and that refer to the content of the course
4) An analysis of the structural system used and why it may have been chosen over other systems
Your report should include photographs and diagrams (your own or by others) that help to explain the project.
All referenced material (written or in image) should be cited properly using footnotes and a bibliography using the Chicago/Turabian Style.
Submissions are to be in a PDF format.