a. (50% of wordcount)
Literature review on the schools of thought promoting Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) .
You cite only one source in the first eight pages.
Paraphrasing one paper does not constitute a literature review.
Identify the seminal works on the subject and discuss the role that key authors have played in establishing CCUS as a key tool in the route to net zero.
Not attempted.
To add balance to your review, summarize the dissenting views on the viability of CCUS.
Not attempted
b. (50% of wordcount)
Note the claims made by the promoters of the first of these clusters and contrast them with the outcome of your earlier review.
Not attempted.
there is no mention of the East Coast Cluster.
In your view, is the UK’s planned investment in CCUS a good use of resources, or could they be used elsewhere to better effect?
Not attempted
General Comments:
This is a poor attempt. You do not seem tohave understood eitehr the questions set or the correct methods required to answer them.
This degree of misinterpretation is very concerning. Please engage with Learning Development as a matter of urgency.
Suggested Grade: F