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The death penalty, a very controversial subject has been around for many years. This harsh punishment is given for harsh crimes, and I have to say I support it especially when it comes to crimes against children. One argument against it is that innocent people might be charged with crimes they didn’t commit and get sent to death row. If one is going to die by lethal injection, there should be solid evidence that they are guilty of the crime. Below are reasons why I agree with the death penalty.
A harsh penalty is needed for criminals who have committed the worst of crimes. If someone knows they might get sentenced to death it might deter them from committing the crime.
If you take someone’s life on purpose, then your life can be taken as well. The victim’s family deserve closure.
When someone has no problem committing violent crimes, no one is safe. Even if they are locked up, we still have guards that must watch them, and even other inmates are at risk.
It is constitutional, a person may not be “deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.”
It’s justice for the innocent. An “eye for an eye.” The rights of a criminal should not be above those they killed.