1a, describe why project management is needed and explain the correlation between the nursing process and project management. Explain the value of establishing a framework for a project and provide an example in which a project management framework aided in the implementation of a new process
1b, Review Figure 2.1 “The Five Steps of the Nursing Process” and Figure 2.2 “The Five Phases of Project Management” in Chapter 2 of the textbook. As you reflect on the five steps of the nursing process, describe how that process aligns with the concept of project management. Provide specific examples of the similarities between elements of Figure 2.1 and 2.2
2a, Describe three significant skills that are essential to have in the role as project manager. How do those skills align with the skills needed in the nursing profession? Provide a specific example to support your answer. Discuss one to two effective strategies to promote a high reliability organization.
2b, As the project manager it is important to understand team dynamics. Describe how you would apply your leadership skills to move team members from the “storming” to “norming” stage of team development.
3a, Describe the value of creating a statement of work (SOW) and project charter. What elements of these documents will be valuable in project management? Provide a specific example to support your answer.
3b, How do key stakeholders and project team members differ and how are they the same? As the project manager, how do you ensure that the individuals that perform the work have a voice in the project development?
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Project Management for the Advanced Practice Nurse Sipes, C. (2019). Project management for the advanced practice nurse (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company. ISBN-13: 9780826161956

Project Management Statement of Work (SOW)