You are required to produce a report discussing a country based on a provided set of international trade data. Please note: You will need to confirm your choice of country via a moodle link (available later) before doing the report. The most important factor for you to consider is that you are expected to analyse the selected country in depth. Please note that for a meaningful international trade analysis to be performed you cannot rely simply on general websites such as Wikipedia, but are expected to integrate the information available from academic sources (e.g. academic journals and textbooks). The use of a wide range of databases and library resources will be rewarded (see the marking criteria and the rubric scorecard below).
The report expects you to use theories and concepts covered in your study of international business and economics. The areas you need to cover in your report are presented below, together with suggested word count.
• Introduction (400 words). Introduce the country you selected. Highlight the basic geographical, demographic, political, economic features of the country.
• The international trade environment (400 words). Discuss the main trade partners of the country. Emphasize the nature of the relationship between the countries and the main categories of products and services involved.
• Data visualisation and analysis (700 words). With reference to the data visualisation and analysis techniques performed during the module and enriching/editing them further, and making use of relevant academic references, reflect on the visualisation with your interpretation. Which are its main characteristics? Why?
• Conclusions (500 words). Provide an overall assessment of the situation of the international trade of the country, identifying potential changes required to the country and its future evolution. Ensure your views are rooted in relevant theories and consistent with the country economic, history, and culture trends.