Write a paper reflecting on how you have developed as a writer in ENC1101 and ENC1102. The purpose of reflection is twofold: you are looking back at your experience to see what you have learned from it, and you are also thinking about how you can apply your learning to future situations.
Use these questions to develop your reflection:
What were your writing strengths and weaknesses before taking these classes?
What were your most challenging writing assignments, and how did you address these challenges?
What were your most successful writing assignments, and why?
What new skills did you learn?
How have you developed as a writer?
In what areas do you still struggle as a writer?
What are your writing goals for the future?
How will you use writing in your future college classes and career?
This paper is about your personal experience, so it should be written in first person
This paper is NOT a course or professor review. You are allowed to mention your professors, but the main focus should be on yourself and your experience as a writer, not on the quality of the course or instructor
Use specific examples from previous assignments to illustrate your claims
Your paper should have a clear introduction, separate body paragraphs focusing on one idea each, and a conclusion
Use standard sentence structure and grammar
Use MLA format. Secondary sources (research) and a Works Cited page are not required since the paper will consist of your own thoughts and writing
This paper should be 2-3 double-spaced pages long