TOPIC:We are living in a market oriented society,where almost everything is up for sale. Aswe discussed the basic ethical issues in this course, we also familiarize ourselves with the skillsto prepare us for a competitive 21st century workplace. One such skill is value based goalsetting. In this context, how can we determine our values? What is the relationship betweenmoney and values? Can we keep some or all of our core values apart from the market orientedmindset? What is the role of money in our lives and future goals? Can we buy everything withmoney? Is there anything that money cannot buy?In your paper, please discuss:-The role of money throughout history and in today’s society-How we can define our values and career goals-How we can be happy in a market oriented society-Is everything up for sale today, and is this right?-What is the difference between market values and moral values?-How can we prepare ourselves to be happy and satisfied in our careers in a marketoriented society?Please make sure you employ the terms and concepts we have covered in this course.Always refer to our textbook as a guideline.METHOD AND STYLE GUIDE:-This is a “Reflection Paper”, meaning that first you have to find and present facts, andthen reflect your opinions based on what you have learned in this course.-Library research is required. You must have books and/or journal articles cited properlywith APA method in your paper.