Topic: “How does race and ethnicity influence juvenile delinquency and what can be done about this?”
Start by giving an example of a case that applies to this topic.
Explain why and how it is related
Thesis statement- Race and ethnicity are just some of the influences that lead to juvenile delinquency. I will be giving you more information on how throughout this essay.
Reason #1
Certain races/ethnicities live in specific types of neighborhoods.
For some it is poverty which doesn’t have a good impact on youths.
Their schools are different.
A lot of this can lead to drug/alcohol abuse.
Reason #2
Family conditions
Single parents
Parenting styles can affect youths
Parents have a huge impact on their children, and if they aren’t setting the right example then the kids won’t know right from wrong.
How do we fix this?
Apply theories in this section from class
Etc. (need to research a little more)
Restate thesis
Go over what we talked about in a short summary
Show a study from one of my sources.
Closing statement that proves this statement is correct and that something needs to be done to fix it.
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