This is 500 words paper which is a criticism on the film “Tokyo Story” in terms of ‘acting’.
Here is the guideline what I got from my professor:
What can you say about the nature of the acting? Does it seem to you “method” acting, classic style acting, something else? For that matter, what do the actors themselves say about the experience of acting for Ozu? How much of the acting is gesture, tone of voice, created by the actor or created by the camera? Do any particular speeches or gestures seem particularly memorable to you? Why would that be? Is there anything different about their acting from the acting of contemporaneous American films set in 1948-1953 post war Japan, like, for instance, Humphrey Bogart’s acting in Tokyo Joe (1948)? And so on. Think!
Aim for about 500 words.
I’ll give you the link and the password of the movie when you accept the project.
The attached textbook is not mandatory to read but it will be helpful to get the words.