Think of a political issue in which you are interested. Then, search for articles/reports pertaining to that issue on the Pew Research Center web site, Topics. Locate TWO studies/reports which pertain to a political issue in which you are interested (NOTE: All political issues are permitted, except Abortion/Pro-Life/Pro-Choice, Gun Control/2nd Amendment, Medical Marijuana/Drug Policies, and Covid). The research reports that you use for the assignment must be no more than five years old.
In 3 double space pages, answer the following questions based on the TWO reports you selected. Briefly describe your issue of interest. Describe how each of the articles you selected approached the issue. What aspect(s) of the issue was(were) studied by each of the reports that you chose? Were the findings in either of the two reports surprising or particularly interesting? Explain why or why not. For each report, briefly discuss one aspect of the issue that you believe was NOT addressed by the report that you believe should have been addressed. (Be sure to provide links to the reports you use.)