The purpose of the Extended Outline is to present the line of reasoning that you expect to present in the Academic Writing Project. The Extended Outline includes the key literature you have identified and lists the arguments and counter-arguments that you intend to present in your final work. It should include the introduction (including the problem statement), a detailed table of contents with a few sentences detailing each section (which should already include the review of some of the literature), an indication (in the form of in-text references) of where you are planning to include more sources, and a list of min. 20 academic references (academic journal articles and books) which includes all of the sources (and only those) that you have used in text. Following the Introduction it should contain a detailed overview of the project, a research methods part (where you describe what you need to find out to be able to make valuable recommendations and what methods you have used to collect this data), a discussion of what the academic literature (min. 10 academic references) says about the types of projects that you are investigating, and a preliminary results and recommendations section.