the paper needs to answer these questions:
identify and describe the program, service, or initiative you are focusing on: who it serves, its purpose, the kinds of supports that are provided, and the surrounding community environment.
Identify the dimensions of diversity or social injustice the program is intended to address and discuss both the program itself and the highlighted dimension(s) of diversity in relation to relevant literature (e.g., books, articles, chapters, credible websites) on social justice, anti-racism or de-colonization.
Explain how the program, service, organization, initiative works towards social justice. Questions to address: at what level is the program targeted (e.d. individuals, systems, structures policies)? how is the program expected to lead to greater justice? How can it be improved or respond to other social justice concerns?
Articulate your social location (e.g. position, worldview, power, privilege, religion, gender identity, size, class, age, etc.) as well as your vision of social justice for children, youth, and/or families. How is your vision and emerging professional identity in CYC influenced by your social location? How does the program, service, or initiative you have chosen to fit or reflect this vision?