The last essay assignment in this class is due before midnight on Wednesday, December 8. In this essay you should analyze one or more of the poems we read in the class in the last few weeks. Read the full instructions for the essay here Download here. Note that if you want to get full commentary and feedback on the essay, you should try to submit it by midday on Tuesday, December 7; papers submitted on Wednesday will be assessed holistically.
As the instructions will explain in further detail, for this analysis you are welcome–even encouraged–to write a paragraph or two presenting your own personal/emotional reaction to the poem(s). You aren’t required to do so, but since poetry should work on us in ways that go beyond intellect or analysis, you can share your personal connections/reflections to the poem(s). Just know that at least half of the body of the essay should be analysis. Something like three paragraphs of analysis and a paragraph (or two) of personal reflection is a good goal.
You can write about any of the poems listed below. You can write about two if (and only if!) you’re going to draw clear connections between them in terms of theme, tone, or language; don’t write about two just to give yourself “more to write about.” Below is a list of the poems we discussed:
“My Last Duchess”
“My Papa’s Waltz”
“Those Winter Sundays”
“Theme for English B”
“A Blessing”
“Watching a Dog Fight at the New Haven Dog Park”