The course is about criminological Theory so any good topic about any criminological theories and race or juvenile deliquency
1. The paper must not be more than ten (typed and double spaced) pages in length, including references. Do not use a font larger than 12. Use Microsoft Word document when uploading your work.
2. The paper must include the format of a scholarly article: The Title page, abstract, introduction, theoretical framework, review of relevant literature, the extent of the problem (that includes relevant data if necessary), and recommendations for policy or further research. Subheadings are highly recommended—the instructor grades based on the sub-headings.
3. The paper must also include at least ten peer-reviewed journal articles. Only works cited in the report should appear in the Reference or Bibliography. Use the American Psychological Association (APA) reference style.
4. Academic honesty must be maintained—no plagiarism of any work. Acknowledge (cite) any quoted or paraphrased works. Follow basic rules of grammar and syntax: correct sentence construction, spellings, and so forth (Points are deducted for incorrect grammar, spellings, and so on).
5. Use Safe Assign to avoid issues about your work. The maximum percentage allowed for the paper is 20%.