The Assignment
For this assignment, you have the following options to reach the public:
An editorial cartoon that would be published in a newspaper
A public service announcement in the form of a video/commercial (1-2 minutes)
A poem or song that reflects thoughts and emotions relevant to your stance
After you compose your public piece, you will write an analysis paragraph about the choices you made as a writer.
Your public piece should:
Establish a clear audience and purpose.
Stand as an authentic, engaging, and polished piece that the public could consume.
Communicate an argument effectively with no gaps in logic or credibility.
Your analysis paragraph should:
Argue how you shifted your argument to fit your new audience and purpose.
Include specific evidence from your own writing to show this.
Offer analysis of your choices to show your topic sentence’s point.
Follow the MEAL plan for paragraph organization.
Read clearly with strong academic tone and style.