Research Paper APA 7th edition
This study is aiming to see whether or not there is a bias amongst Palomar College students and their preference of infants of a particular skin tone that differs from the student (participant). The purpose of our study is to see which of the infants the participant finds most attractive. Does the participant choose an infant that is closer to their skin tone or will they find that a different skin toned infant is more attractive? Ultimately, we’d like to know whether or not skin color affects attractiveness. The reason for using human participants for this topic is evident. We have yet to find a study exactly like ours; however, we do know that intteracial couples are much more common in the modern day than they were 50 years ago. Aside from this, there is still a gap in knowledge.
“Individuals vary in colour across their skin, and these differences affect how individuals are perceived. For example, facial skin colour affects perceptions of a person’s health and attractiveness.”
“Even in multicultural nations interracial relationships and marriages are quite rare, one reflection of assortative mating. A relatively unexplored factor that could explain part of this effect is that people may find members of their own racial group more attractive than members of other groups.”
Needs references/works citated page.
I will provide survey that was recorded- 47 participants.