In a word document (or any other word processing application like a google docs), write a 500 word reflective response that answers at least 4 out of the 6 following questions:
What is something new you have learned about communication in this class?
Think about your communication style. What are some current patterns and themes you see from your communication style? Feel free to reference back to your personality tests you did at the beginning of this class.
What are some of your communication strengths?
What are some areas of improvement?
“Listening is a learned process and skill that we can improve on with concerted effort. Improving our listening skills can benefit us in academic, professional, personal, and civic contexts”.Why might good listening skills in an academic setting be necessary? What about in a professional setting? What about with our families and friends and loved ones?
What are some nonverbal behaviors that would signal a positive interaction when first meeting someone? What about on a job interview. Then, identify some nonverbal behaviors that would signal a negative interaction in each of those contexts.
Upload your document as an attachment/file
Make sure the essay/paper has your name on it and a proper heading, including date and course name
In your reflection paper, make sure to separate each paragraph with the title of the question you are answering.
The essay should be double spaced
350-500 words is about 1.5 – 2 pages long (you don’t need to do more than two pages, double spaced)